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Technology Lab maintains chain of custody forms and sample amount requirements that are available for download. We also offer additional references for our clients, including a glossary of laboratory terms, technical explanation of some selected sampling techniques, and a comprehensive list of our services.
Lab Forms
– Please email if you would like an Excel version of any of the following documents.
Miscellaneous Information

Q: What about client confidentiality?
A: We will always hold all information we receive from our clients and the results of all tests and services in the strictest confidence.

Q: Are the cost of sample containers included in analysis?
A: The cost of all sample containers are included in analysis. Cost of analysis for Summa canisters and sorbent tubes includes rental and cleaning or reconditioning.

Q: Does Technology Lab analyze for VOC or SVOC additional compounds?
A: If additional compounds are required for Volatiles or Semi-Volatiles, additional costs may be applied. Please call us for a quote.

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